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Opened Chapters (3 Angels' Writings)

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TO OUR ARCHIVES Of Writings. This is the perfect place for you to call HOME, if You are a loyal fan, a sincere reader, a harsh crtic or just a bold commentator. Here's your corner my friend If you have enough interest in poetry or you simply love reading scripts, and plays in different languages.

You may consider this webpage a weblog too. (An online journal where we can share our writings with the rest of the world. The 3 Angels' news, updates, views, reviews, opinions, articles, essays, various experiences, links, and photos will also be available online to be shared with family members, friends, and fans. Interesting topics, current issues, suggestions, comments, and debates are also welcomed here. So, let's hear your thoughts. Email the 3 Angels with any of your opinions, and comments.

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.


Here's an area reserved for our most recent posting or links.


My name is Gladys Karam.I am one of the 3 Angels Film Production Team. Born in 1966 (Beirut/Lebanon). Studied and have degrees in Creative Arts/Journalism/and English Literature.My passion is to write with compassion,and make movies.I write scripts, short stories, and poetry. I am an independent Canadian filmmaker/writer who highly appreciates Creative,and Fine Arts.I believe if you have enough faith,you can walk on water.Everything is possible,and Nothing is impossible in my book.
Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!
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