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Opened Chapters (3 Angels' Writings)

A Short Play
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A Tragedy Of Love!!!
                Gladys Karam
(3 Angels Film Production Team)

Once upon a time, a love story is born in the beginning of winter. On one of the greatest big mountains in the Middle East, a miracle is found next to an aging tree. During this cold season, a small beautiful red rose grew out of the snow mysteriously. It seemed like a bright dawn announcing the birth of a new day after a long dark night. The small rose was rising higher by the second just like a sun shining through dark clouds to reach earth with its golden ray. This little red rose flourished its youthful green leaves upon the snowy ground magically, touching the snow with warmth and compassion of a mothers hands holding her newborn.

The white snow (looked up at this lovely sign of youth with wisdom, and enough knowledge then said): A new hope is born at last! Hello Fancy face.

The rose (tilted a little to look down at the snow, forming a question mark with her position): Who is down there?

The White Snow (Answered from down under): Im the Snow, wise, and cold. (The rose folded her leaves with a shivering shyness, and remained silent by not giving an answer). The Snow noticed the roses sudden reaction, and continued uttering his words anxiously just like a man who has never been in love before) Time gave me a number, and forty years arent easy to remember but by God I have never seen such a beauty like yours before. (The rose became shyer when the wind moved its branch right and left, forcing it to dance like an Egyptian serpent on its soft tune) Dont be shy for being so beautiful, and innocent. (With courage) Beauty is like a sad poem, a love song or a lovely painting drawn by the hands of God. Innocence is the essence of true love, rare, and priceless. When I look at you, I feel young again. (The rose listened carefully, and with admiration) You are stealing my breath away, and I think Im falling in love with you. (Pause) yes, I do love you, and I will always do for eternity.

The Rose replied softly: You sound very wise, rational, and your words are so meaningful. You impress me with every word you say. (Pause) I feel safe and sound knowing that youre here. (With a happy tone) I think I love you too my dear old snow. (The snow couldnt believe this unexpected response from this little innocent rose. It gathered itself around the roses roots like a united pack of logs in a fireplace, building walls of protection for his new love to be.

The White Snow (asked his love calmly): As long as we have mutual feelings, and share the essence of love. (Softly) Will you marry me my love, and make me feel happy again. (The red rose shook her green leaves out of disappointment, breaking down the walls of snow, and slipped away sadly).

The Red Rose (replied in a scary tone): Im afraid that it isnt possible. I just cant agree. (With compassion) My dear Snow, I know that you love me sincerely but I am way too young for any commitment now. Cant you simply wait for me? (The Snow looked up ironically at its only hope for tomorrow).

The White Snow (Sad): Dont worry my little one. I have no choice but to wait for you. (The Rose appeared to be a bit relieved, hearing the Snows promise) I promise to love you forever.(The rose started to dance happily along with the wind).

Time passed by, and spring was pushing winter away as usual. The rose grew up and flourished happily. It looked down at the snow, and asked in a wondering voice: My dear old snow, I wonder if you still love me after all this time! (The Snow looked at the Rose with sorrow).

The White Snow (replied sadly in a very shy voice of an old man in his eighties):
Dont you think that your invitation is a bit late? (Laughs) Why are you asking now?

The red rose shook its leaves with pride just like a young lady in her early twenties, then says: Dont you see, I grew up. Look at my green leaves how big they got. Look at the shape of my red pedals. What happened? You stopped loving me!! You promised me to wait. (Dances from the cold weather, and shivers from the northern wind) Dont you want to marry me any more? (The White Snow started to laugh when he heard the Roses proposal).

The White Snow (Stopped laughing): Darling, dont be sad...How can I stop loving you but I wish your proposal was a bit earlier. (Addressed the rose with love, and an endless passion) Fancy face. You are my only love but Im way too old now for this commitment. (The rose got sad) Cant you see how things are changing fast? My veins are turning brown, and my white face is sweaty. Tears are running down my cheek faster than my cry of help, and the ground is gladly absorbing my sadness to burry it deep in the heart of earth. I think time paid off. I can see the end when the wind blows through my tough grounds taking off layers of my time, leaving me with nothing, nude in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, the sun is melting me away, depriving me of my only hope. Sweet heart, I got too old for a young rose like you. Its too late for me to start when the end is near by. This is the bitter truth about the cycle life, and destiny. Ill be gone soon but remember that my love for you is eternal. Ill always love you for ever and ever.

The rose (objected real hard, and stated with confidence): Ill die if you leave me alone. Ill die if we get separated. (Desperately trying to convince The Snow) Listen, I cant live without you in my life.

And as the sun was melting the Snow away, and turning every flake into cold water, the White Snow cried out of desperation: Well die and never meet as lovers. Its my destiny my love. Were just like dusk and dawn! Its my destiny that you were born when I am young, and when youre old enough I am almost gone. (The Red Rose bended down in sadness hopelessly devoted to merciless monster called love).

The Rose got weaker, and weaker overnight. It couldnt bear the harsh wind, or the running water down the mountain. The changes were so sudden, fast, and unexpected. The Roses life became so vulnerable then died drowning in the cold water of The White Snow.


Copyright 2003 Gladys Karam (UN: 3angels at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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