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Opened Chapters (3 Angels' Writings)

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Here's a poem about true love, passion, and compassion!

Living A Dream!!


You go through me like the wind goes through the trees

Shaking the leaves with tenderness at ease

Caressing me with gentle love that never ceases to stop to breeze

Your touch cures the sadness in my soul. It cries for the night to fall, and awaits dawn’s early call.

You give me fire with your words of satire

You’re my energy. You’re my power

With you at my side I never  give up or even retire

You dance in my eyes like the flames rattle in a campfire

You supply me with an endless desire to fight fire with fire

Love is so powerful when your heart is truly faithful.

You build my self-esteem by simply giving me enough hope to dream and live my life like a stream that has no end to redeem


You make me feel alive, and willing to survive

You trap me to fall in love, and love the will of love

that you don’t even have for me!

Now I understand why you don’t let me be.

Your words set me free, alive, and happy.



                             Gladys Karam

                             July 15th 2003

                             Montreal/ Canada

To My Friend!!!
A poem that was addressed to a friend written in Arabic...


Go ahead tell me what you think?
I dare you...
Right, you can't read Arabic... Ok, here are some poems written in English, and previously posted at .ENJOY!

A Friend of Mine!

Hey,I'm glad you are a friend of mine.
When I'm with you I just feel fine
You bring me happiness and lots of joy
You make me feel like a child with a brand new toy
You always manage to put a smile on my face
You touch the heart I hide in my case.
When I see you, I will see
Non other than a loyal friend
with your touch wounds will mend
when you are here,I know things will be fine
I'm glad you are a friend of mine

Gladys Karam

Copyright 2004 Gladys W. Karam

 Christmas Time!

When it is Christmas time..
Prayers are heard in the silent night
Love is found all over town
in every body's heart
When it's Christmas time, joy of songs calls
us through the wind to go to a place where
happiness has no end, tenderness of love is
about a hug and a kiss between a mother and
a child
So baby let me hug you tight, and tell me
that it is all right
Let me put a smile on your face by a simple
kiss of love that you'll never forget
Baby stop crying... Stop crying
Hush my baby and close your eyes
now the sun is going to rise
Santa is getting you a wonderful toy, and
you'll have lots , lots of joy
Baby, listen to me and close your eyes again
Tomorrow is another day that will begin
A new sun will shine once more in this place
just like before
In this place just like before
Just like before

Gladys Karam

Copyright 2004 Gladys W. Karam  

Down The Memory Lane!

I take a walk To embrace many
memories of your sweet talk Down
the memory lane,our loving hearts
remain strong enough to embrace the
past with open arms in pain To
stand still Hear beyond the sound
Look around for new old memories to
be found I framed you like a picture
in my mind As an everlasting memory
in my heart to find I kept you like
a rose between the pages of different
stages in a precious book called
"LIFE", a long journey that'll never
end in a heart of a true friend A
mark of yesterday A constant reminder
of certain events in my day An echo of
my past A beautiful scar to last like
a medal of honour to share with all
the ones you love and care!

Gladys W Karam

Copyright 2004 Gladys W. Karam

Life Is A Memory!

Changing mirrors won't change you, you'll be the same to me no matter what you say or do.
My heart is always in your hands.Loving you is a dream come true, and you're the only one to understand.
A reality meant to be no matter what I've done or said. Loving you is all I need.I will not give you up, or fall apart instead.
Angel is you I want to see. Your voice is a love song in my head. I'll live my life loving you. Even if you can't see the truth,
happy times of yesterday, and memories of our youth will tell you a life time story of despair.Shutting me out is no use. Why don't you tell me that you care. Life is nothing but a memory to share.We had our differences in the past,and lots of memories that will last.Feeling guilty of things I've done
Brought me no time to feel sorry,or invent a new story.I'm nothing but a memory of yesterday, and looking for new words to say:
"I'm in love with you,and there's nothing that I can do!" I'm just in love with a fading memory,a precious memory of you.

Gladys Karam

Copyright 2004 Gladys W. Karam

A Case Of Depression

To all who believe in not giving in or up!

Sometimes I feel like to live freely at night,and hide from the
daylight.Live in the dark shades,and move away from the sun.
Sometimes,living on the edge is no longer a journey of fun when
the deal is done.Giving in is the true glory of winning. It's OK
to lose a fight, and stay out of sight.Stay as far as a star,
twinkle,and shine like an angel in the sky.Feel free, thirsty like
a bird who can't avoid the urge to fly.I wonder,is it worth a try?
Or let the whole thing go by. Is it running away or finding the right
way?Questions of jeopardy play with my mind.They strike like a knife
ticking my time.Perhaps going back on track requires the perfect
understanding of a word called "lack".What do I lack? I wonder!
A broken back?Shattered dreams in an old sack. Lost hopes in a worn
out bag.A loser's tag? A full life to nag?Or a happy stream to hack?
I know well what I have.A fighter's spirit, and a king's merit.
Building a wall might be the answer to know it all.Buying back my
soul is my desperate last call.LIVE, LOVE, AND LAUGH to fill my empty
hole.Believe me,there's nothing else to do except to listen to your
heart call.Look around,you may be found. Life is the cry of a baby's
call.Listen to your heart POUND.LIVING IS A LOVELY SOUND!

Gladys Karam

Copyright 2004 Gladys W. Karam

Here are some more poems written by the 3 Angels, and once posted at
An Old Man's Story
                        Gladys Karam
(3 Angels Film Production Team)

Back in 1925, I was a tough handsome young man
I fell in love once and I swore not to do that again!

Her father was a millionaire, an old man who had grey hair
Jimmy Dough wasnt mainly fair or even had the decency to care

Dough was his main game, and cash was his middle name

He threw me out like a dog when I asked for his daughters hand
He didnt give me a chance to make him understand that what I had in mind for love is a simple wedding band

People called me a gold digger, Dough said: a fortune hunter what I am
He slammed the door in my face, and told me that his home will never be my place
No one dared to lend me a hand

Its true he had money, and lots of honey to share!
He lived in a big house, and drove a Cadillac everywhere.
But the way he treated me was totally unfair.

His daughters heart got broken,
Im certain without a word being spoken.

Well, I had nothing to offer. I can hardly survive.
I only got empty pockets, and a few dimes to stay alive.

Mary Lou got married to another buckaroo. There wasnt anything that I can do.
She tied the knot, and settled down then later on she moved out of town. I felt like a sad clown who was harshly let down.

So, I travelled miles, and miles far away, looking for a place to stay, and a new job to do, hoping to forget about this unforgettable day!

Years went by, I got old and grey. I became rich so rich that no one can stand in my way.
I aint the same no more, and money is all I know. I realized that life is worth more than just dough.

I packed my bags, and on a plane I took a ride, heading home for good to stay. But a pretty young lady stole my heart on that particular day. She looked like an angel from heaven that was put in my way.

I talked about marriage, and my dream of the baby carriage.

I said: I am old but Im worth your weight in gold.
I offered her my bank account, and told her that on me she can count.

She looked me in the eyes with courage, and refused my proposal of marriage.
I cant forget what she said. Her words almost dropped me dead. I am poor and pretty honey but you cant buy me with your money.
No matter how rich you are, you cant reach this star.
She seemed to be not a friend, and I guess that was the end.
Jenna left me with new scars, and a broken heart to mend.
Sixty-seven years ago Mary Lous father said NO too,
Who knew, money wouldnt even do.
Its true; life can be a rotten stew.

I went below the low, and gathered a lot of dough.
Money became my object!
Who can object about this subject or even say NO.

Life isnt easy when youre greedy, and ready to be needy any time you choose.
Nothing matters when you have manners to lose.

Money gave me fame; and things started to seem not so lame.
I played over and over the same old game. Greed became my desperate lane.

The Dollars sign was always on my mind.
I couldnt spare, not even a dime.

Barabing barabang years rolled by, and now I am nothing but an old lonely guy. I became an old mans tale. I learned the hard way that love isnt for sale.

I aint going to lie, the truth is far from a simple sigh.

I dont want to die or even say goodbye
Im all alone and far from home.
I just want someone to understand, and hold my hand
And find me a start somewhere to begin

Turn back the clock if you can
I dont really have any other plan

Turn the clock back if you can
I just want to be young again

Turn the clock back if you can
I really want to become the peoples #1 fan
But you cant easily please anyone even if you can
There must be another end for this old man
In the past or present, some things will remain the same
No matter what you do, youll be the one who gets the blame

There must be a way to turn back the clock again
To relive the past once again for a second chance to gain
If you were in my shoes what would you choose?
Where do you think I should begin!

Thats all folks; its all I know about an old mans story.

Copyright 2003 Gladys Karam (UN: 3angels at Writing.Com). All rights reserved

Say A Prayer!
Gladys Karam
(3Angels Film Production Team)

When you feel the heat of defeat.
You sit silent in your lonely seat
Face to face with a monster called FEAR
Then you think victory is never here!
Feeling scared, and vulnerable,
Left alone in pain.
Your loss appears to be more than your gain.

You stand on a shaky ground with a trembling heart ready to pound in panic with no sound
Faster than a speeding bullet shot from a smoking gun nowhere to be found.

When no one seems to listen or even care
Life will be totally unfair
Youre hurt, broken inside
You feel empty as if your heart just died
When everyone steps aside, and no one takes your side
Fill your life with enough hope to keep you warm inside
True Love cant be denied, and Angels will be by your side.

Things cant be done right
Youre too weak to fight.
When many words are spoken, and love is no longer a token
Things arent easy to understand
Your knees become too weak to stand the heavy weight of mixed emotions that were set in fast motion. You become under the mercy of a sudden attack, bullets of cold sweat run down the spine of your aging back.
Hold faith in your hand, and dont give in so fast
Look for hope again in your heart; youll end up a winner at last
Believe in yourself. Believe that you can
Miracles do happen without a prior plan

Not everything you feel is real or anything you cant see is a lie!
Look for the truth that many others might deny.
Im sure someone will testify.
You should see the bottle half full even when its empty
The half empty will be full in no time
Dont get lost. Find your way. All you need is to pray!


Copyright 2003 Gladys Karam (UN: 3angels at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.


Castle of sand
Gladys Karam
(3 Angels Film Production Team)

Castle of sand is my home
Built on a shaky land in the heart of a storm!
Wind is too strong to bear alone
Dont turn my heart into a stone
Take my hand; dont leave me on my own
My love is taking a new form

It takes two, and I need you
To be by my side along this ride
Hold my hand, and understand.
Our love is a sacred band

Say that you love me
Say that you do
Dont break my heart in two

I kneel to pray
For you to say
Love is our way
To fall in love for good one day
Lets face the wind together
And ride on the wings of love forever

I fold my heart like a rose
In the palm of my hand
Trying to hide the dose of pain
You may understand

I long for peace of mind
Something I cant easily find
When you arent around
I feel like Im not found

Im not the only one to blame
You should feel the same
When were falling apart
Before we even start
Falling in love for good
Like we should
Love is always misunderstood!

Time is fading my love away
Its so hard for me to stay

Watching life goes on
While I try to hold on
Forever young
In the heart of
My beloved one!

Copyright 2003 Gladys Karam (UN: 3angels at Writing.Com). All rights reserved

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