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3Angels Power Film Production INC is proud to
announce that "TeenZ", a family movie is now officially on DVD, and its soundtrack CD is also available. 
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"Wrestling With A Dream"
on check it out.  Wrestling With a Dream Episode 5: 
PCO Pierre Carl Ouellet & the 4 previous 
Episodes are also on 
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Wrestling In Kuwait 2010.... Attention All Fans, Investors & Sponsors OVERSEAS (KUWAIT, Emirates)This is an open invitation. Watch this exclusive footage of Legends, and Superstars from the wrestling world who truly desire to visit Kuwait. Here's your chance to make history by investing or sponsoring this upcoming tour. Help 3 Angels Power Film Production INC BRING back wrestling to KUWAIT. For more information on booking this tour call/fax: (613) 930-9867 Email: And if you're a true fan let us hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment or even a question about this possible tour.

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Do You Have What It Takes to become a star? Creative! Talented! Potentials! A photo shoot, a screen test, the right direction, and connection might give you the proper boost to find your way in the show business, and film production. Take the first step, and enter the frames of glory. Ask the 3Angels, and we will put you in the spot light.

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to our heaven of creation, and paradise of filmmaking!
The 3 Angels Power Film Production INC lives in A world of creative arts, and glory. If you have the desire in becoming a star in your own sky, make your way our HIGHWAY! The prime objective for this webpage is to discover true talented people, and allow them a chance to participate in making independent movies, and help out in workshops. We are giving an open invitation to all who believe in independent filmmaking. Are you talented enough? Well, our team is looking for people who have passions for films. The 3Angels are looking for students , writers, producers, and new faces to join our force of creativity. However, if you have a question, a comment, or just need an advise, look for the 3Angels, and feel the power. Live the adventure of a new challenge! This site is yours, and for all the creative souls out there! We welcome all of you into our world of creation, and constant action. You may email us with your favourite links, unique pictures, special articles, and creative graphics to make this site valuable, and resourceful.
You may always contact us to find out more information about new projects in process.. Writers and Co producers, talented people, and new faces are welcomed to join our journey of filmmaking.
Nowadays, we are trying to form a team of volunteers in order to make a low budget movie with a high quality.We are currently seeking to meet and develop a working relationship with other producers, screenwriters, new faces, students or any individuals who are interested in making a movie. We are also in search for sponsors, agents or anyone who believes in filmmaking. So, will you give a hand of help to make something out of nothing!!!! Let's get creative, and make a movie.. The 3 Angels believe that nothing is impossible, and everything is possible. If you are interested just let us hear your honest thoughts a.s.p..
We are The 3 Angels,
Movies Are Us!
With a simple screen test, you will be a star overnight, and become the glowing candle in the fans dark night. Live forever, and never say never. Live on film forever that others will always treasure.


Are you serious enough to consider our projects, and accept the challenge? Would you like to share the glory of becoming part of the 3 Angels journey? If your answer is YES, email us, and we will take every word you say into consideration. The Angels will reply as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and youll definitively hear from us.

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We'll be more than glad to answer any of your questions or accept any comments. Keep shining like a star.

Let the 3 Angels power Of Three set you free.

Make your way our highway. Join our forces, and become a star in your own sky.  Let the camera roll that we can film you all. Come and take a look, we are just like an opened book. We live in a world of creations filled with no certain destination. Take your first step, and ENTER! You will find a world of wonder. Your first step is 3mn long screen test with intensive close training. Do not be afraid to take a chance, and give our creativity a simple glance. Let the show begin!!!

The 3 Angels highway is filled with many golden opportunities such as; a screen test , original photo shoot, original scripts, ideas, special training, an up, and close direction of two separate scenes on location. The 3 Angels are willing to work with professionals,  new faces, students , and even amateurs. Our production team is about to find the perfect cast for our first feature film in Montreal.  Take a chance, and discover how talented you are. Roll the dice! All paticipants will be kept on file but only few will be asked or called for a special appearance in this movie.  

     Give the hand of help to make magic.

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Read what we write... Become a critic.

We are called The THREE ANGELS. I, and my younger sisters form a film production team. We work together side by side. Each one of us is also given a title. I myself is called The Wild Angel / free like a horse in the prairie. People say, I fight like a warrior from an ancient time.  JD (the second Angel) is called The Sweet Angel / A melody that heals the soul in a time of need. She is someone who has a big heart, and a great taste of music. Mona Lisa (The third Angel) is called The Devilish Angel. She is highly fashionable, and creative. Mona Lisa might rock your world with a simple touch.  I guess were not just Charmed, were the lucky ones!!! We traveled around the globe, and discovered the true meaning of Home!!! That's why, we are back in Montreal now. The 3 Angels feel that it is time to start a new journey of filmmaking, and nurture our career by producing independent features for the big screen.


Join Our Journey!
Look For The Angels, And Feel The Power.

Do what you love, and
you will love what you do!

It's simple; we turn hard labor into fun. Filmmaking is not an easy task. It requires patience, and hard working. But if youre doing what you love, you'll no longer feel the pain. At the end fame, and glory are what you'll gain. I guess that is our little secret!!! It doesnt really matter whether if youre standing behind the camera or in the front. The result is beyond belief. 

The Press, oooooooooh

The press is the spot light. It could be red or white. You would easily guess the rest. If you like to be the center of attention, and the focal point of others, you might consider ACTING! That is one of our hot tips. If you are highly creative, and talented, filmmaking should be on the top of your list.



Behind the scenes
The main story is quite very simple. I grew up with a burning desire to capture reality on film. Over the years, photography, 8mm, poetry, movie scripts, and short story writing were my only means to express the meaning of life. My two younger sisters followed my lead until we formed a remarkable team. Jeanne darc, and Mona Lisa are highly talented. Obviously, each one of them has what it takes to be a star. Meanwhile, mom has the potentials for a fashion model. Eventually, we all complete each other, and form rather an unusual team of work.

My father was known for Dior Of The East, he was a fashion designer for ladies. 

We've seen the world. The 3 Angels visited Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, USA, France, and many other countries. We lived our lives on the cutting edge, and battled on just like Xena , the Warrior Princess. In 1992, The 3 Angels decided to take a new challenge, and travel across the ocean to visit the Arab World. Our mission was to capture other countries cultures, and traditions on tape. We moved from one location to another like birds. The Angels filmed several documentaries overseas to represent, and reflect the differences in societies. We covered important issues that might help nations come closer.   Traveling from one place to another gave us the opportunity to see new faces, and admire new places. The 3 Angels learned many things along the ride. Our journey of film production in the Middle East was unforgettable. The past few years were unbelievable!  The 3 Angels felt the power in the air, and flew like birds in the sky.


If you are a sincere fan of the Egyptian stars, click on Ahmed Mazhar's pic, and you'll be linked to a rare collection of special pictures taken by the 3 Angels Film Production Team on the set of Hollywood Of the East.

In loving memory of our unforgettable legend
Ahmed Mazhar

Our Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Backstreet Boys, Ssync, Bon Jovi, Fozzy.
Favorite TV show: Charmed, X.Files, Xena Warrior Princess, Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven.
Favorite Soap: Days Of Our Lives, All My Children, General Hospital, and Passions.
Favorite movie: Liar Liar, George of the jungle, Scorpion King, Scooby Doo, Spy Kids, Hush, Casper.
Favorite book: WWE Biographies
Favorite sports team: WWE Wrestling
Favorite food: Fries, Tabouleh, and Fatoush.

What we love doing the most!!!
Movies... Script Writing too..

The 3 Angels Power Film Production INC has many skills.. We love doing anything that has to do with MOVIES...Including reading or writing movie scripts, and poetry.


The Most Admired people in our lives!!!!


Our Parrents
We're being powered by a magical source of love (Mom And Dad).

Mom and dad give us a happy life, and constantly offer us the world.  They accepted to back up our dreams when they became our managers. Mom and Dad supervise our projects, and support what we believe in.

Mom & dad are our shadows everywhere, and the fresh breath of air that we take to grow. They taught us that LOVE IS THE WAY. The 3 Angels owe them everything.

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If you are a faithful Wrestling fan, this place is for you.. Join our group at yahoo, and see if you are tough enough to become a WWE4ETERNITY member!


If you are a die hard fan of rock & roll, visit our webpage, and enjoy Bon Jovi..

If you need an honest advice, ask MOM for one...

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The 3 Angels


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Watch an exclusive clip by the 3 Angels Power Film Production INC, a clip from a very special wrestling conference that took place on August 8th 2007 at the Assembly Hall in the Civic Center Ottawa, as a part of the SuperEX Showdown that will rock the place on the 23rd of August 2007. Enjoy this clip, and reserve your seats NOW.

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What's NEW with the 3 Angels?

Look for "WannaBe Famous" Contest, and "Canada Rock My Soul" webepisodes. Both are in progress. So, why don't you be a part of our journey, and participate.  Look also for "Wrestling With A Dream!" series under (projects) at the following link...


3 Angels Power Film Production INC articles: 

Latest News:
The 3 Angels were on location in Kuwait filming four different projects. You may read two of many articles that were covered by the local press, "Kuwait Times" newspaper & "Gulf Traveller" Magazine. You will get an idea about what we were doing overseas.


Kuwait Times newspaper

'Three Angels' shoot documentary in Kuwait By Velina Nacheva Staff Reporter Three siblings, each born in a different country, share a passion for filmmaking. Having shuttled between continents for seven years, Gladys, Mona Lisa and Jeanne d'arc Karam are currently filming a one- hour reality documentary, which is split into four 15-minute segments about Kuwait. Gladys, president of the family-supported Three Angels Power film production company has a 20-year stint in the film industry. She said that the focus of their short reality TV would be "to present Kuwait in a positive light to the rest of the world." "Our main concern is to show the world what Kuwait is all about in terms of technology and health-care. While we are on location our camera will capture the urban growth, impressive architecture, and modern buildings and complexes," Gladys said. Gladys recalled the threesome's decision to come and feature Kuwait in a documentary. "I wanted to create something different, something significant, something that has real value... and show the world how Kuwait has advanced," she said, while showing me some raw filmed material from a single day of shooting. The movie on Kuwait - which includes the four segments 'Places and Faces,' 'In and Out of Kuwait,' 'Kuwait Then and Now' and 'Power, Success and Future in Kuwait'- is not the first film project Three Angels dedicates to Kuwait. This is the Karam sisters' second film production. They also shot a 40-minute documentary called Victory of Kuwait in 1996. Commuting for 13 years between Kuwait, Cairo and Canada, where they live and run a film studio, Gladys, Jeanne d'arc and Mona Lisa also completed two major film projects known as Hollywood of the East and Egypt Day and Night. How do the three sisters achieve their primary goal in this 'cinema verite' in Kuwait? After quizzing friends, acquaintances and residents of Kuwait they nominated and later short-listed the places and locations to be featured in the documentary. For instance, their 15-minute film 'In and Out' describes the lives of Canadians who have lived and worked in Kuwait for 25 years. Gladys said they chose this idea because "Canadians [where they live] are highly interested in anything called Arabic, or Kuwaiti, Lebanese or Egyptian because it is something they have not encountered before." Apart from the many landmarks that Canadian audiences will enjoy in the documentary, the Three Angels focused on lifestyle. "Our camera will re-explore the lifestyle of Kuwait in the past when it depended on boat building, fishing and pearl diving through visiting some of the popular museums," She stated, adding, "We try to cover as much as possible and document it but through a new vision." Although the three sisters are well prepared to handle the film making A-Z varying from pre-filming to post production, each sister has her own portfolio within Three Angels. Gladys is mainly the host, director and producer, Jeanne is in charge of anything that deals with music and the youngest Mona Lisa, 23, is the art director and stylist and is usually in charge of the camera on location. Lebanon-born Gladys hints that the "Three Angels" next project would be in her birthplace.


Gulf Traveler (The Arab World's Travel & Tourism Magazine) Issue No:37 Nov/Dec 2006

3 Angels' Power in Kuwait

Interview by Hanan Bou Najm Dleikan

3 Angels Power Film Production Inc is presently filming four different short films – "Kuwait Places and Faces"nce , "In and Out of Kuwait",

"Kuwait Then and Now" and "Power, Success and Future in Kuwait". Each film is 15 minutes in length depending on the raw footage, research and information provided. A promo of each of the four films will be broadcasted online for the time being and later, the film company will distribute

it on TV stations and satellite channels according to demand and interest. 3 Angels Power' main concern is to show the positive points of Kuwait to other countries such as Canada.

Gladys Karam is number one in the 3 Angels Power Film Production INC, and she is the host, director and producer-in-charge who spoke to our Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Mane Hamad Obeid Al-Mane, who is a very well-known person in Kuwait with a good reputation in the field of publishing. Mr Mane was pleased to tell his story and future in Kuwait through different circumstances in an exclusive interview on 23rd July, 2006.He spoke of the years of success and failure until he reached the time when he proudly introduced Kuwait Pocket Guide's 21st edition in 2006. Gulf Traveller and Youth World magazines are also published by the Kuwait Publishing House. Gulf Traveller magazine took the opportunity and hosted the 3 angels where they shared their 20 years of success, their aims, purpose and points of view for the benefit of our readers.Highly creative family.

Gladys, Jeanne d'arc and Mona Lisa Karam are three sisters working side by side, and together in filmmaking, video and theater production. Their home country is Canada, and is also the location of their company in Ontario. They are a family business with over 20 years of work in Canada and the Arab world. They have worked on "Hollywood of the East", Egypt Day and Night", "Kuwat's Victory" and several commercial productions for television. They are original and highly-creative, independent Canadian filmmakers/writers. Out of respect, the 3 Angels Power worked with many ethnic groups. that specialise in programmes for foreigners are moving from being just ethnic into the Internet and satellite TV.

A free copy of one of the four short films will be given to Kuwait TV channel [KTV2] to air for the first time only as a gift from their company, and as a sincere token of their gratitude.Their parents are the acting managers and thus they are a family business – each one works for all and all for one, where they complete each other. Gladys Karam is the spokesperson of the family. The second angel is Jeanne d'arc who is responsible for the audio, lights, background music – she takes the camera behind the scenes. Mona Lisa, the third angel, is a fashion designer just like her dad Wadih Karam, a model like her mom Mona Karam who is also the photographer. Mona Lisa is responsible for the camera, and editing as well as art directing.

3 Angels Power' aims

The purpose of being in Kuwait is to make four short films as we mentioned above, and Kuwait means a lot to them because Gladys grew up in Kuwait. They want to be the bridge between nations and bring people closer to open a gate of communication between the east and west.

3 Angels Power' filming in Kuwait

The place was Kuwait Airways and the face was Ali Khoder Ibrahim, Quality Manager.

The place was the airport and the face was Kuwait Airways.

The place was Al-Amiri Hospital and the face was Dr Ahmad K S

Al-Shatti, and Faadil Essa Bu Abbas who talks about healthcare in Kuwait.

The place was Kuwait Radio, and the face was Hameed Khajah, Engineering Director

The place was Kuwait TV, and the faces were Kazem A Khajah, Production Director , Ahmad Al-Yacoub, General Manager, Production Department, and

Bedoor El Eassa, production department for children' TV shows among many other faces, and places that will be featured in their reality documentary.

They finished filming last month in Kuwait, and returned back to Canada for editing which will be given to Kuwait TV as a gift.

3 Angels Power' Future Plans

Their next stop was to be Lebanon, Gladys' birthplace. It was to be an action film, but unfortunately due to the situation there, they shelved their plans until peace returns.


"Angels Of Justice", one of 3 Angels' big feature presentations is a bit delayed due to some outstanding circumstances but the movie's production will be back on track by the end of Summer 2006. However, The 3 Angels are presently working on several biographies, and these upcoming projects will be filmed on location soon in Spring. So, stay tune for more action to come your way from the 3 Angels Power Film Production INC.

One of our projects is the creation of a non profit purpose magazine online to help out everyone with safety tips, and valuable reports. 
2004, the year which The 3 Angels Power Film Production INC were  writing a special script for a big feature presentation under the title of "ANGELS OF JUSTICE", a unique movie that will be filmed on location between Canada, and Lebanon.






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When you feel the heat of defeat.
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Then you think victory is never here!
Feeling scared, and vulnerable,
Left alone in pain.
Your loss appears to be more than your gain.

You stand on a shaky ground with a trembling heart ready to pound in panic with no sound
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When no one seems to listen or even care
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When many words are spoken, and love is no longer a token
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Your knees become too weak to stand the heavy weight of mixed emotions that were set in fast motion. You become under the mercy of a sudden attack, bullets of cold sweat run down the spine of your aging back.
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Believe in yourself. Believe that you can
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Look for the truth that many others might deny.
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You should see the bottle half full even when it’s empty
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