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Writing is my passion

With my pen, I draw the past, and make it last. My story is nothing but words to visualize. I see a vision, no a premonition of the future. I write about characters from the days of our lives, and dream to capture tomorrow through the use of lies. How can I be true without you! I need to live constantly in fiction to win your affection.  Well never change or age in a world of fantasy called a STAGE.

Stand Still In Time

Precious moments. Special time. Many valued Memories to keep in mind. Life is nothing but a ride, and all you need is a friend by your side. Its a journey in a zone called the unknown! Discover the world, and become known. Look for tomorrow, and more time to borrow because life is just a memory in the palm of your hand. Special moments in my heart revive the memories of yesterday, and make me feel special every step of the way. Life is just a memory, and an everlasting glory in the heart of a perfect fan. So, dont give up your chance to live forever if you can.

Read some of our writings, and become a critic. Let us know what you think. We're always here to listen to your comments.


Moments to treasure forever:
Life is a memory. Its a recorded history.



Filmmaking is our passion!