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Mama's Wise Advice! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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Mama, the free advisor!

Do you need an advice, an opinion, or just an honest criticism?


This place is for you!


Welcome  to my different views, a corner where words can guide , and direct you.

It’s True. As you grow older, you get wiser. You learn something new each day along your way. You pick a word or two to carry on with you.

Hello, my name is Mona, and I’m your advisor for the day… You can ask me anything, at any time, and an answer will be sent to you right away. Remember, I’m a daughter,  a mother, a wife, a sister,  a friend,  and not a psychiatrist or a even doctor but life taught me a lot of important things, things that I am happy to share with everyone who might need my input regarding a certain subject.


My urge and courage to help others gave me enough boosts to build this webpage.  As you can see, advising others is a huge responsibility, and requires a strong soul to give anyone the right words. One word can change, and make a difference. Who says words don’t have an impact on us! Words hurt, help, relieve, punish, discipline, patronize, build, and even destroy a whole nation if they were misused.   So, talking is good for the soul. Cuddle up on the couch with me, and let’s talk all night on this site for free.


Open the door, and take your first step towards friendship.
NB* Honesty, trust, and sincerity, are characteristics that represent "THE TRUTH" which will make our relationship grow stronger more than ever. Life is a battlefield filled with different point of views but listening to a friend in need can be the first step and part of a therapy. Talk, talking is good for the soul. Or just simply write, a personal letter might be the key to a better communication.


Remember: As long as you have enough faith, and love everything is possible, and nothing is impossible.

Advice of the WEEK:
My grand ma once said: "Life is beautiful when love is pure, and unconditional."


Questions will be answered as soon as possible.  Your Answers will be posted with your permission only.

This webpage will be updated on a weekly basis. Favorite  Links, and pix  will also be posted.

Please get in touch if YOU have any comments or Questions.

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